Legality is not a guide for morality

As the capability for morality, dignity is the foundation of autonomy, which means self-government by the moral law. Not to do justice to this dimension is heteronomy. In distinction from virtue ethics, the autonomy approach puts forward a formal rule of judgment, left to the agent’s conscience to decide, instead of substantive and concrete ... Stage 4: (Law and Order) Right and wrong is determined by society’s rules, and laws, which should be obeyed rigidly to maintain law and order through formal or informal codes of conduct. • Moral judgments are based on understanding and the social order, law, and duty. • In this stage, the emphasis is on upholding law, order and When Christians argue that God is the ground of morality, they are not arguing that we need the Bible to have moral knowledge. God himself, not the scriptures, is the ground of morality, right and wrong, good and evil! The apostle Paul was quite clear: a person can know deep moral truths even if they have never heard the scriptures.